General Vaastu Consultation

Vaastu solutions for your health, wealth and success.

Selection and Purchase of Property

Selection of Property according to your Horoscope and Profession enhances your Career. You can have Consultation for Residential as well as Commercial Property.

Room for Everyone

According to Vaastu Kids should use Bedroom in North East of your Residence which keep their Brain Charged up and Concentrated. So according to Vaastu Principles you can decide which Room is good for your Personal Relationship as well as for Career Growth.


Vaastu Principles are based on Science. So arrangements of Kitchen Platform, Placements of Refrigerator, Microwave, Beds in each Bedroom, Wardrobe, Money Safe Box etc. according to the Vaastu Fundamentals Intensify the Positive Energy.

To go for Vaastu Consultation following is the Procedure

  1. Your / Owner Horoscope will be discussed before I visit Vaastu.
  2. Vaastu Visit Day will be confirmed.
  3. After Vaastu visit detailed discussion will be done.
  4. Vaastu remedies will be suggested for your Financial Career Growth.
  5. Implimentation of Vaastu Remedies will be done on Specific Day. (Muhurt Day).

Vaastu means the Energy which is Formed through Five Elements - Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Space. These forces can give you Positive Energy if they have proper flow in Vaatsu. House contrast to Vaastu Principles is unable to give you Positive Energy flow which disturbs your Health and Wealth.