Family Planning Problem

Let astrology and medicine together help you conceive your first child!

Many couples are blessed who conceive child naturally. But there are many couples who need medical as well as astrological help for having kids. After the Marriage you can have Consultation regarding:

  • When will you have Kids?
  • You will Conceive Naturally or any Medical Help is needed? (IVF / IUI / Surrogacy).
  • If any Complications are there in Horoscope regarding carrying a baby during nine months then what precautions to be taken from the time you have conceived can be discussed with Anupriya.
  • Will the Child be healthy?
  • Child birth through Natural Delivery is more appropriate. But if complications are going to occur then Couples are advised for C-Section or cesarean. If your Doctor has suggested Cesarean then you have the advantage to decide the good time of Birth for the child.
  • Adoption of Child.

You should not be too much dependent upon Astrology but timely Astrological Guidance is necessary.

Laxmi S. , Bangalore

Namste Anu Ji,

Saashtang Namskaram, I am very glad to inform you that I have conceived finally with the donor eggs. Hats off to your predictions. Right from November 2013 I am consistently in contact with you regarding conceiving a baby. I was too much in depression when I had an abortion in November 2013 as I had lost hopes of having baby. No one could really understand my situation but you as a human being. You always listen to me, my cries, my loneliness and my desire to have a baby so patiently. You have predicted about my conceiving period in February 2015 with help of donor eggs and it happened exactly in a way you said. You are just not a great astrologer but a Gentle Human Being with a great heart to help people in their difficult times. I am from Bangalore and not visited you till date but you are so close to me. I will be Thankful to you because my child will enter in this world because of your blessings.

Family Planning Issue

  • Issue for Conceiving Child.
  • Which medical help (IVF, IOU etc.) should be taken?
  • Adoption.

Duration - 45 Minutes
Fees - Rs. 1,500/-