Marriage Problem

Let astrology help you in finding the right partner!

  • When is the marriage promised in your Destiny?
  • Will It be Arranged or Love Marriage?
  • From which part of the Country Spouse will be?
  • Nature Analysis of your spouse.
  • How will be the Married Life?
  • Counseling and Consultation for Second Marriage.

You should not be too much dependent upon Astrology but timely Astrological Guidance is necessary.

Sharad Kadam , Mumbai
Anupriya your counseling skills are superb. You always make the person comfortable so that he does not hesitate to ask his queries. As far as my horoscope is concerned, the things predicted by you proved accurate. I had consulted you in October 2012 regarding, when will I get marry and how will be my life partner? You had predicted that I will get marry in May 2013 and my marriage date is 30th May 2013. My wife has all those features which were described by you. The remedies which you had suggested to overcome some issues in my life had really worked and I am very happy with my life now. I will always be thankful to you for bringing the peace in my life. My wishes for you.
Suvrat Bedekar - IIGJ, Mumbai
I know Anupriya since 2005. I was in Dubai in 2007. I was not believer of Astrology or any Occult Science. But when I came to know Anupriya has interest in this Ancient Science, just for curiosity I shared my birth details with her. She predicted about two things mainly - 1) Love Marriage and 2) My Marriage will be in July 2008. Her predictions shocked me as I was in relationship with Prajakta (Now my Wife) and I hadn't declared it to anybody. I got married in July 2008. She predicted many other things about my life which had happened exactly in a way she told. Since then I have faith in her knowledge. I have referred her to my friends, relatives and they have gained from her Consultation.

Marriage Horoscope Reading

  • Marriage when?
  • How will be the Life partner?
  • How will be the Married life?
  • Counselling and Suggestions will provided.

Duration - 45 Minutes
Fees - Rs. 1,500/-