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Career Problem

Get astrological solutions for your Career problems, career guidance, business!

Selection of Career

You can discuss the various career options in detail of your kid who has been appeared for board exams such as 10th / 12th. Many parents are satisfied with their kid's performance in higher studies and happy with the decision taken with the help of this Ancient Science. While discussion you will come to know the Intelligence Level as well as Limitations of your Child. You can explore your child?s strengths and weaknesses.

Career Guidance

Career Horoscope reading will benefit you for your Career Guidance. Discussions will help you to know,

What is written in your Destiny

  • Job or Own Business?

If you are going to do Job

  • When you can get a Job?
  • In which month / Year you will get your dream job?
  • which period you will get Promotion?
  • When you will get opportunity for Onsite Job?
  • What is the time period where you should be careful about Office Politics?
  • Which remedies will keep you calm in adverse situations?

If you are a businessman then

  • Investment in which type of Business will bring you prosperity.
  • You should do business Independently or with Partners?
  • Will Partner Betray you?
  • Which Month and Year will be Profitable?
  • In which year you should be careful regarding losses/over expenses.

Definitely you will not regret having discussions of your Career with Anupriya.

You should not be too much dependent upon Astrology but timely Astrological Guidance is necessary.

Vandana Sawant , Thane

With all your good wishes, guidance and blessings - Finally Arohi has reached Canada and her New Beginning of Career starts from 2nd September, 2016.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for an excellent guidance to me and my daughter to take a right decision for selecting her career path. I really loved your style of making understand my daughter the quality within her, buidling a confidence in her and help her overcome the fear within her. Your predictions and simple remedies to overcome obstacles has helped Arohi to reach high in her academics.

Arohi is today in one of the top universities - University of Waterloo, Canada for Biomedical Science. I appreciate your consultation skills and Accuracy in Predictions.

Thank you for giving your valuable time at odd times of day to answer my queries and directing me to take right decision. We are blessed to meet you.

God bless you and your family.

Amey Hunswadkar - Actor - Marathi Film Industry, Mumbai
I was going through a very tough time of my life. My mom was suffering from lots of health problems and as only Son I have to be with her. I stopped signing any assignments. Mom was feeling restlessness and I was having lots of depression due to financial crunch. I asked astrological help in Oct 2014 from Anupriya. She gave me consultation for myself and also recommended some Vastu remedies for Vastu Dosha. In November 2014 we did the Vaastu remedies(Without Demolition) Since December my mom is recovering and also assignments started flowing in. Now Mom feels very relaxed at home and I am also out of depression mode. Remedies suggested by Anupriya are really working for me. God bless you Anupriya. Guys one word is sufficient to describe Anupriya is "She is the Best". Thanks Anupriya for giving me back my Mom...My Life.
Reshma Patil - Radio Jockie, Nashik
I consulted for my Career and Personal life from Astrologer Anupriya in 2011 which turned out to be a great guideline for me. She is very Frank, Precise, Clear and same time Sensitive while discussing the horoscope.The remedies suggested by her were easy to follow. Guys after wasting lots of my money and precious time with many other astrologers I luckily got Anupriya as more of a Friend than Astrologer. She is a Gem. My Best wishes for her.
Mrs. Sulochana Warik - AMO PMO Accenture, Mumbai

Astrology is Science - a study based on birth chart, Planets position, Karmic account and predictions with Wisdom, assumption and Intuition of Astrologer. It helps one to understand post Karmic Account, action that one need to take in present, to secure future. This helps one to gain mental strength to face any unseen future challenge without getting disturbed.

Anupriya's Study on Horoscope helped me taking appropriate decision and is also a turning point of my life. Her prediction, Intuition and Sense is truly God Gift and she is utilizing for good of human being. Suggestions given by her has helped reducing future impact of unseen hurdles. Her thirst to get in-depth knowledge in Astrology, Vaastu - Shastra, Balancing personal life is amazing. I thank God to have Anupriya as one of good Samaritans in my life.

I wish best for her career ahead.

Career Horoscope Reading

Questions related to Job and Business will be discussed in detail.