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Prevention is always better than cure!

Prevention is always better than cure. Our Ancient Science of Astrology is exceptionally progressive which helps to diagnose your probable health ailments. Such Prior Predictions benefits you to take care of your health well in advance. Get the prior Intimation of the exact time (Years of Illness) of your health issues through Medical Astrology will help to get proper Treatment.

You should not be too much dependent upon Astrology but timely Astrological Guidance is necessary.

Ankita Pusalkar , Mulund

Hi Anupriya,

First of all thanks thanks and thanks to you so much for everything you did for us.. Initially I wasn’t believer of Horoscope, vaastu and as such. But something happened in my life which changed my opinion about our Ancient Science.

Me and My Mom shifted to a new house. All was good. But slowly we started suffering from small ailments to big diseases (diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid).It was only suffering for my mumma and me. Immune system was badly affected. I was on special diet with the help of dietitian and a renowned diabetologist. Nothing improved as such. I being a really overweight Person was getting depressed day by day.. Mumma’s diabetes, Bp, thyroid concerned me a lot.

I believe in my Sadguru. I lost my dad at early age. But my Sadguru was always there with us with full support and her blessings. One day I was sitting in front of Sadguru. I asked her Why we are suffering so much? What have done ? Besides this we were facing Fanancial crunches too as I was not employed. On the same day I don’t know how but I got you on Facebook (through 1 mutual friend) and read about you and how you clients got vaastu related experiences. So thought I should consult you immediately as it was a sign from my guru to contact you. I got consultation from you regarding my horoscope and about our Vaastu. Very Next week you visited our Vaastu and did essential remedies.I can’t explain in words that how grateful we are.My mumma’s thyroid reduced. Her all doses reduced to small amount. Now I can feel she is fit and fine and strong woman.

After that I visited to my Family Doctor regarding some documents which I needed.My family doctor was so surprised that she thought we shifted to another place or we might have found another doctor.As from 9 months we haven’t visited anyyyy doctor for any reason This is all because of you, Anupriya. Your Vaastu remedies did magic to us.My doctor didn’t believe at first that everything is fine now because we did vaastu remedies at our place.I think she didn’t liked it that much..

We thank you from the bottom of our heart and yes not to forget your predictions were so damm perfect about everything I asked you regarding My Career, Property related issues.

God bless you and your family. My wishes for you as you are doing so much good for people.

Thanks you so much.


Health Horoscope Reading

  • Current as well as Probability of Health Issues will be discussed.
  • Counseling and solutions will be suggested.

Duration - 30 Minutes
Fees - Rs. 600/-