Mrs. M. Solanki and Mr B. Solanki - Tata Consultancy Services, USA

Hello Anupriya Ji,

You are the best Astrologer I have come across. It has been like a lost sailor finding a rescue ship in the middle of a stormy ocean. Your Patience, Care to listen to us with calming attention is just unexplainable. We often wonder where that lost sailor would have drifted hadn't we received your divine help. My Husband rightly calls you Guru Mata.

Your Astrological Predictions are accurate. Your remedies are so divine jadi-buti tires to cure the problem from the root.

Couple of Instances do come to my mind while writing this. When my husband was having a trouble with his Supervisors, your remedies really helped him to deal with it. In addition, your help has calmed him to continue to hold the things together in murky political office environment. Your prediction was accurate when we were waiting for our Green Card. It did finally arrived on time you had prescribed.

With your advice and guidance we are at much better position in our life.
Mrs. Krushika Unagar - McGrawhill, USA

Hi Anupriya,

You are a Magician. Your Predictions are always proved to be accurate. Your Consultation session has really helped for me and my family. As you had predicted my life has changed. The remedies you had suggested me for my health are working. I do not miss to follow the remedies you had advised.

I appreciate your Consultation Skills and Accuracy in Predictions but I like you more as a nice Human Being in my life. You keenly do follow up after the Consultations which most of the Astrologer doesn’t do. I have sensed the passion for astrological study in you.

We had given your reference to our other family members and friends. They are also enjoying their lives after they had Consultation Sessions with you.

I wish you all the Best for your Career.
Mr. Santosh and Prachi Potdar - Freight Reach Services, UAE

I know Priya Since 2007 and her interest in Astrology is very intense. She is one of my closed friend.

Her detail study in Astro and related subjects has made her prediction approximate to the dot.

Just to mention from many of my experiences, buying a home in Mumbai is a dream for everybody, even I wished to have one but, was absolutely not able to make it till 2009. We gave up as financial calculations When we consulted Priya, She was adamant on her prediction that I would book my own house by early 2010. She even specified the locality, geographical location where I would buy my flat.

To our surprise, things worked out so quick that we book our flat in January 2010 and that too around area predicted by her.

I would say, "Always consult Priya for factual predictions and guidance...and not for the answers which would please you."

Mrs. Prachi Potdar -

I was trying for my employment since last two years. But nothing seems to be clicking. I have been going through many interviews, some of them finalizing up till the end but somehow didn't click. Out of frustration I thought of getting advice from Anupriya in January 2015. As per her advice my star position was showing a chance of an employment in April or May 2015. Even she told further that I should be trying in the education field as the planetary position and other aspects would add up to get something to click.

Her reading turned out to be too perfect. I have secured a job in 2nd week of April 2015 in one of the school. I am delighted to have Priya in my life as a good friend and a guide. My best wishes to her.
Milind Katkar - , Mumbai

Hello Mam,

Your counseling has more clarity on the questions asked. It develops the confidence after the sessions. Get Satisfaction. After I got counseling from you, I get an interest in reading Spiritual Books and started doing Meditation. I have started developing myself. Previously I was in Depression but after the Counseling I got from you, My Life has been changed. I have even come up in better way from my Financial Problems. You have given me a way to live my Life. Your Consultation sessions helped me to take proper decision about the incidents which came across my life. Due to these decisions, things worked in a better way. I am able to or you can say, I am now capable to concentrate on my Life. I was having lots of problems regarding Finance, Family Issues and Health Issues but I got the solutions for everything. I have started donating to Poor and Needy people. I have started doing the JAAP of Mantra and Meditation. My mind started accepting the Truth of the life which I had denied. Next development is Lots of control on my anger. I believe you as my Guru.
Mr. Kumar Gaikwad - , Pune
I had consulted with Anupriya Desai regarding my career and especially for Property Investment in November 2014. Anupriya told me my Property Investment will be done in March 2015. By God's Grace and as predicted by Anupriya, I signed my first property papers in first week of March 2015 itself. Her prediction proved to be accurate. I had been reading her blog since last many months. I was totally unaware of this Ancient Shastra but I had started understanding the science of this after reading the articles written by her on blog. (More than 40000 readers) Anupriya Keep writing the Articles and also help people having difficult time.
Bhavna And Raj Varliani - , Mumbai

Anupriya, the Solutions given by you had been always worked for my family. Especially solution you suggested for my son for his concentration in Education and Confidence had worked amazingly. Previously he was very aggressive in nature and confidence level was very low. But we are very thankful to you because after having consultation from you his Concentration in studies has been increased and we are very happy with his academic progress now.

The counseling and suggestions you gave for my Hubby Raj has also helped him to develop his Business. From last many years he was trying very hard to develop his Business but no gain. After the consultation and detail discussion about his destiny regarding Business and Finance He is very Confident now. He has been following the solutions suggested by you from last many months and it had reflected in profits.

After started using the colour therapy suggested by you has given him mental peace and stability and now I can see lots of control on anger in him.
Khushboo - Adhishrii Diamond Co, Mumbai
I have known Anupriya for the last 4 years. During this period I have availed her astrological consultations on numerous occasions. Her predictions are precise and clear with solutions that do not need to move the earth. Her approach is very practical and one that doesn't give you reasons to avoid/delay. It has helped me and my family became stronger to face the uncertainties of future. More importantly it has given me the confidence that at the end of the tunnel there is always a ray of light. Thank you Anupriya.
Kkamna Jain - , USA
I know Ms. Anupriya Desai for more than a year now and I approached her because I was having some issues with my professional life. I believe in Astrology. Ms. Desai helped me by giving me very easy to do tips and this simple remedy helped me big time. I started doing well in my professional life. My manager also was very happy with me. One thing which I liked the most in her is she will not suggest a gem stones or any pooja to you if it is not required. She is not materialistic. If you can get results by doing simple things like donating or fasting, she will suggest that, I love that the most in her. Her predictions have been very accurate. I have never met her in person, but when I asked some question related to real estate she said I currently reside in a building which is close to temple and school and I was so surprise to hear that, coz she has never come to my place, but just based on my horoscope she was able to predict this. I have recommended her to lot of people. She is very genuine and very professional. She will listen to you with patience and provide guidance. I am in US now, but still I contact her for guidance and advice.